Headteacher's Welcome


Welcome to the new year at Bladon Church of England Primary School. The year ahead will be packed full of exciting learning opportunities. The school is continuing to grow and become even more popular. We had a record number of families apply for places for this academic year. Although we are not planning any major physical developments in school we are always looking at being creative with our space. At Bladon we maximise the skill set of our staff. We have several new members of staff this year who are all totally committed to providing another fun, purposeful and supportive school year.


Here is an overview of where we are improving our school during 2016/2017: 

  •  work really hard to improve our writing skills so that we are more confident writers;
  • try really hard to use the correct spelling and punctuation in our work; 
  • try our best to answer questions from our friends and teachers to show how much we understand;
  • work really hard to improve our reading so that we are better readers; 
  • work together to create a new school reward system; 
  • work with our teachers and each other to deliver and lead worship.

Tracey Fletcher - Headteacher

Please view the results below of another hard working year from the children and staff of Bladon C of E Primary School