Woodstock Partnership

What is the Woodstock Partnership?

The Partnership is a collection of local schools that work together in many ways. The schools involved are: Woodstock, Tackley, Wooton, Stonesfield, Combe, Bletchingdon, William Fletcher and The Marlborough School. An annual project within the Woodstock Partnership is the Pupil Parliament Charity Enterprise. Key members of the school councils come together as a Pupil Parliament. Each school listens to nominated charities and then decide on a charity they would like to support.  Last year our School Council supported a charity called Cecily's Fund. The charity came to thank the school for their support. One of the children kindly donated her own shoes to an African child. The charity managed to personally deliver them to Africa. Bunny's generosity was warmly appreciated and is something the family and school were keen to promote.

Through the Woodstock partnership we devised the following