I am pleased to provide you with a copy of the report of our inspection carried out by Ofsted. Please take time to read this analysis of the School, carefully written by Kerry Rochester who rated our school 'Good'. I hope you agree that it reads very well and I thank you for your patience in waiting for its publication.

The two days were tough on all the staff and the children. The inspector was full of praise for the children, who were a total credit to the School and to parents, and hence awarded their behaviour 'outstanding'. They showed a real desire to learn and impress. I was extremely proud of them.

The School's staff were superb; they worked extremely hard during the two days. I am grateful for their efforts. Thank you to the School's Governing Body, who backed our work 100 per cent and were confidently able to sell the School and share their efforts in supporting our improvements.

We were working very hard for an Outstanding rating, so from that perspective I was disappointed. The report makes a small number of recommendations, all of which we agree with. We are fully aware that there are some aspects of School that still need to improve even further. I will be doing my best to make sure that this happens.

As a leader of the School, I am immensely proud of everything that has been achieved and am passionately determined to carry on improving the School's performance.

I will be relying on your continued support over the next few month and into a new academic year. Thank you for being supportive and understanding.
We will continue to be the 'Best That We Can Be'.